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Genital Warts Symptoms

Warts have become a common disease in the modern world. This is because there is a rise in sexual activities in the world and that many people are not willing or ignore undergoing warts check up. There are many kinds of warts though the most common is the genital warts. It is important that you know genital warts symptoms so as to detect if you or your partner has this disease.

There are different symptoms of genital warts. These symptoms can be noticed on rectal areas, penis or on the urethra in men. While on women, genital warts symptoms are witnessed on vaginal lips, anal area, and uterus and in the vagina. You need to be aware that these symptoms might not be easy to detect in the first place thus they might appear after some time. The fact that these symptoms take weeks to appear, it is recommended that you go for checkups most often to determine if you have any these symptoms or not.

For genital warts symptoms to appear there must be presence of condylomata cuminat which is also known as human papillomavirus. This kind of virus is contacted via sex just like any other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) they do not exhibit their symptoms easily. There are some cases where you might not have/or your partner might not exhibit these sign, you are bound to have these symptoms. This means that you need to be careful when choosing your sexual partner to avoid being infected or infecting your partner.

Common Genital Warts Symptoms

There are different genital warts symptoms that might be experienced in different people. These symptoms might differ in men and women, though they are witnessed in the private parts.

  • Around the genital area, there might be presence of grayish, red and pink ulcers that look like cauliflowers. As time goes by, these ulcers might increase in number and form a colony around the part. Chances are that the ulcers might start to rapidly spread at this area.
  • The genital area that has genital warts ulcers might start witnessing an increase in stickiness and wetness. This is somehow uncomfortable and at some time gives a fouls smell or bad odor.
  • In women, genital warts symptoms can be detected by looking at the vaginal fluid. During secretion and excretion, this fluid might increase suddenly.
  • In case you are infected with genital warts, you will experience a lot of pain, a burning sensation as well as bleeding during sex and after the act. As earlier indicated, women are prone to face more problems in a way that these sensations are puffed up in their case. This is attested to the fact that genital warts in women will be witnessed within the cervix and in some cases towards the interior of vaginal walls.
  • In men, the presence of small as well as tiny boil manifestations should raise a red flag. These ‘boils’ are witnessed on the penis shaft and they tend to spread down the shaft.
  • Discomfort, a lot of itching and invariable urge to scratch genial parts may indicate genital warts symptoms. In this case, you need to be very careful and seek medical attention because you might mistake them for rashes and ignore them.
  • When mild, genital warts might be painless though as they grow, they might cause extreme burning at the place that has been affected making it quite daunting to carry on with daily activities.

It is important to seek medical attention more often if you are sexual active to determine if you exhibit any genital warts symptoms. This will help the doctor detect the disease and derive possible measures to combat it.


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