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Mild Genital Warts

Mild genital warts normally manifest themselves in individuals with strong immune systems who are lucky enough to be infected with a sub-type of human papillomavirus (HPV) for which their genetics are suited to thwart. In other words, there is no such thing as a particular type of mild genital warts. The same infection that manifests itself mildly in your body can cause cancer and kill another person in theirs.

What is Mild Genital Warts

There are 40 known sub-types of HPV and each of these sub types have unique characteristics. It may take a person up to three months after being initially infected to see signs that they have been infected. In some cases the person infected never notices signs because the sub-type of their infection is not one that manifests itself with physical warts. The duration of an infection can be as short as a few years and as long as a lifetime. The warts themselves can come and go in a matter of months and some can last for several years. There are several ways in which to treat mild genital warts in order to hasten their disappearance. These treatments do not eliminate the virus from your system, they simply treat and eliminate a single wart.

This is an important point to understand about all types of genital warts. The warts are caused by a viral infection called HPV. This viral infection can occur in your body in one or more than 40 different ways. That is correct, you can be infected with one or more sub-types of HPV at the same time. This means that once you are infected you are not safe from further infections. You can pick up additional sub-types and in fact be infected with several HPV variations.

Mild Genital Warts Features

Once infected with one of these sub-types of HPV you may or may not see physical warts on your genital area. There are some sub-types that manifest themselves in severe outbreaks of genital warts and others that will manifest itself in mild genital warts. Some types of the virus will result in a major outbreak and then you will have periodic outbreaks as time moves forward with each successive outbreak reducing in severity as the years go by.

The warts that appear within an outbreak can can be considered severe or mild genital warts. Each wart can be treated medically and be removed within weeks of their appearance. Most of the warts will naturally die off within a few years. In all cases of the virus you can still be infected and yet not have a current outbreak of warts. This means that you can infect another person and that your are contagious, you simply are not showing signs of the virus at that particular time. The actual outbreak of warts does not make you more or less contagious. If you have the virus, you can and will infect other people that you come into contact with.

Genital warts are a dangerous condition and you should take precautions to not get infected. Getting infected can be very dangerous to your health and infecting another person that has a weakened immune system for one reason or another can lead to serious complications up to and including their death. There is no way to know if a person that is infected will have mild genital warts or a severe reaction.

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